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TRSHBG Hip Bag (3.8L)
  • TRSHBG Hip Bag (3.8L)

    Join the movement and become an ocean cleaner with trshbg! Designed originally for scuba divers, the Hip Bag makes it easy for you to clean up Mother Earth as you enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities - and keep your hands free.


    Green Bitch proudly introduces the Hip Bag by trshbg. Upcycled in Bali, Indonesia, from used rafts and banners, every trshbg design inspires you to pick up trash on every adventure.



    • 3.8 litres volume, enough for a table full of trash
    • Click buckles around waist and leg
    • Wear around the waist and leg
    • Made of banners and scooter tubes
    • Comfortable to wear, non-slip material
    • Wave safe: keep trash inside the bag
    • Quick dry material
    • Symmetrical design for left and right leg


    • About trshbg

      Committed to turning every surfer and diver into an ocean cleaner, the international team of surfers and divers designs a range of trash collection bags. Every trshbg is repurposed from used rafts and banners and keeps your hands free as you dive, surf, swim and pick up trash. 



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