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BRiN™ SeaDifferently Replaceable Head Toothbrush
  • BRiN™ SeaDifferently Replaceable Head Toothbrush

    • Hong Kong Smart Design Awards - Gold Medal
    • Made from recycled ocean plastic
    • FDA approved
    • Replaceable brush head


    A reusable toothbrush that not only keeps your teeth clean and gums healthy but also does so for our ocean as well. Made entirely from FDA-approved recycled ocean plastic, the handle is reusable and designed to last for decades.


    • Reusable handle made only from FDA-approved recycled ocean-bound plastic
    • Replaceable brush heads (also made with post-consumer recycled plastic) made from 100% recyclable PLA
    • Soft bristles made from castor oil filament that cleans your teeth while protecting your gums
    • Fully compostable packaging
    • For every toothbrush purchase, BRiN commits to cleaning approximately 6 bottles from the ocean.
    • About BRiN

      BRiN is a lifestyle brand aiming to reimagine everyday essentials through conscious and convenient product solutions that emphasize sustainability. 

      Founded in 2020 by husband-and-wife creatives François Hurtaud and Karis Lim, BRiN is emboldened with a goal to guide consumers in their Earth-conscious journey, inspiring them to reconsider the overall environmental impact of our basic consumer goods.

      BRiN’s first product was launched in 2022, SeaDifferently, a reusable toothbrush made of recycled materials, and it was awarded a Gold Medal at the Hong Kong Smart Design Awards. 


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