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OFoodin 矽膠可摺疊食物盒
  • OFoodin 矽膠可摺疊食物盒

    這款重量輕且可摺疊午餐盒由不含任何增塑劑雙酚 A 的純矽膠製成,可單獨使用或與 OFoodin 食品袋一起使用。OFoodin 午餐盒耐酸鹼和極端溫度,可用於焗爐和微波爐,即是非常適合自己帶飯一族。


    - 2.8 厘米厚

    - 740ML

    - 台灣製造


    Made for using on its own or with OFoodin Food Bag, this lightweight and collapsible lunch box is made from pure silicone without any plasticiser, Bisphenol A. Resistant to acidity, alkaline and extreme temperatures, OFoodin Lunch Box is oven and microwave oven-safe. Meaning? It is perfect for pack-your-own-lunch-kind of people.


    - 2.8cm thick

    - 740ML

    - Made in Taiwan



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