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Natural Silk Dental Floss
  • Natural Silk Dental Floss

    Another plastic-free beauty swap. Taiwan's agooday Dental Floss is made from raw silk that is washed, heat-sterilised and then spun in natural beeswax. Always begin with a glass bottled one with a stainless steel cutter cap. Then you can buy our plastic-free refill pack from now on.


    - No additives or plastic

    - Length 30m

    - Made in China

    • Why natural dental floss?

      Artificial made dental floss made from nylon Teflon is non-biodegradable. It will last thousands of years. To have the smoothness, artificial-made paraffin wax is added in the dental floss which we will put in our mouth with possibilities to swallow the chemicals.

    PriceFrom HK$30.00

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