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Organic hemp nut milk bag
  • Organic hemp nut milk bag

    A reusable essential in your kitchen, this nut milk bag is made for eco-conscious zero-waste beginners and experts! With this fabric milk bag in pure organic hemp, you can easily make your own plant-based milk from almonds, cashews, oat, rice, soy and any nuts of choice! Given it's durable, reusable and easy to go, it obviously means a huge cut on your grocery spending - and on your time and effort to deal with disposing of earth-unfriendly tetra-pak cartons.


    - Free from harmful pesticides or any food-contaminating chemicals

    - Perfect for making your own nut milk

    - Reusable

    - Zero Waste

    - 30 x 30 CM

    - 100% organic hemp with drwastring

    - Made in China

    • How to use?

      Always wash with a mild soap or dishwasher before use. Soak your nuts of choice overnight to soften, rinse on the next day. Add the soaked nuts and water in the blender or food processor. Also add seasonings of choice, such as cinnamon, a pinch of salt, or dates. Strain the nut milk by using our Organic Hemp Nut Milk Bag. Enjoy in room temperatures or chill first. 

    • Why organic hemp?

      Exceptionally durable and thus reusable, this bag is made from natural unbleached or treated hemp fabric with natural cotton stitching and drawstring. 


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