Coconut Matter 磨砂皂 - WOOD

Coconut Matter 磨砂皂 - WOOD


√ 成份天然

√ 零塑膠紙管裝

√ 質感柔滑、易塗清爽

√ 零殘留物、零油膩感、零污漬


The body soap for the queens needing some detoxify their body from impurities. It’s superfat and smells like coconut with notes of Lemon Eucalyptus as we use the essential oils and coconut charcoal. This soap has a unique ability to remove dirt from the pores and support control of oil secretion battling the naughty acne.

And just because we like to give you the very best, all soap range comes in a pretty reusable soap bag made from sisal plant which you may want to use as a natural exfoliator for extra delicious skin.



  • About Coconut Matter

    Coconut Matter 是 2015 年成立的香港品牌,提供一系列手工美妝品及個人衛生用品、健康用品及食品,並致力採購符合可持續原則的用料,以及做到零塑膠,所以是健康、盡責和天然之選。