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Micro-Pak Dri Clay™ 零塑膠乾燥劑
  • Micro-Pak Dri Clay™ 零塑膠乾燥劑

    Micro-Pak Dri Clay® 天然乾燥劑以永續來源的膨潤土製成,可吸走水分。無論是紡織品到家居用品,從食品到鞋履,任何需要防止黴菌和霉菌的東西都用得上。有別於傳統的矽膠或氯化鈣乾燥劑,同時可帶來可靠穩定的濕度控制。


    • 可生物降解FSC 認證牛皮紙包裝
    • 天然、無塑料、環保、無毒
    • 可安全存放紡織品、家居用品、木材、紙張、電子設備、食品、藥品和金屬部件


    Introducing Micro-Pak Dri Clay®, a natural desiccant made from sustainably-sourced bentonite clay that absorbs moisture. From textiles to home furnishings, from food to shoes - whatever you need to protect against mould and mildew, choose this over conventional silica gel or calcium chloride desiccants for consistent and reliable moisture control that keeps your stuff safe and dry.


    • Biodegradable FSC-certified Kraft paper packaging
    • Natural, plastic-free, environmentally responsible, non-toxic
    • Safe with textiles, home furnishings, wood, paper, electronic appliances, food, pharmaceuticals, and metal components
    • Why more eco-friendly?

      Made with naturally-occurring, 100% natural bentonite clay requires no water or chemicals, and little energy. This production process is far more sustainable than the energy-intensive production of synthetic silica gel, which requires chemical feedstocks and significant fresh water, while also producing pollutants, effluents, and discharges.

    PriceFrom HK$2.00

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