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Flushable Poop Bags (120-pack)
  • Flushable Poop Bags (120-pack)

    #INVISIBLEPOOBAG by Hong Kong-based INVISIBLE COMPANY is a gamechanger among dog parents - now you can keep the furry friend's poop routine even more hygienic without harming the environment! 


    Each box contains 120 bags to last for 2-4 months (depending on how much your dog likes to poo). Plus, dog poo bag holder bundles are available for plastic-free walkies! Reduce the amount of toxic plastic in our landfills by replacing conventional plastic poo bags today. 


    Designed for outdoor walkies, the holder's spring snap hook works well with dog leashes, pet travel bags, as well as the belt loops on your outfit. Perfect for eco-conscious pet owners to go on hiking and camping trips with their active pets!


    Not only flushable, if #INVISIBLEPOOBAG ends up in a pet waste bin, it will biodegrade and eventually break down in the landfill; leaving no trace of toxin and no micro-plastic. Thus replacing the plastic poo bags with #INVISIBLEBAG can effectively reduce the negative impact on our environment. 


    - 120 pieces per pack

    - Landfill biodegradable - >85% biodegradation in 90 days under landfill conditions.

    - Flushable

    - Non-toxic proven by EEQ and OECD 208 tests; whilst the FTIR analysis also shows that it does not contain PP, PE, PS, PVC plastic.


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