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Cotton mesh laundry bag
  • Cotton mesh laundry bag

    Loved clothes last longer because they are washed in our Cotton Mesh Laundry Bag. As every clothing caretakers would agree - laundry bags protect your delicate clothes from the fraction caused by super intensive spinning in the tumble. Want to keep your lingerie in shape, and your favourite knitwear from piling and snagging? Make it a habit to wash them in a laundry bag. Our mesh laundry bags are made in Hong Kong by expert seamstresses from pure cotton instead of polyester, so making your favourite clothes last doesn't compromise marine life.


    - Made from 100% unbleached cotton

    - Made in Hong Kong

    - Two sizes available: S & L

    - Size S is perfect for smaller pieces such as socks and lingerie

    - Size L is perfect for knitwear and delicate tops and bottoms.

      PriceFrom HK$28.00

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