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Coconut Matter Relaxed Lip Balm
  • Coconut Matter Relaxed Lip Balm

    Green Bitch's most loved lip balm brand!


    √ Natural ingredients

    √ 100% plastic-free paper tube

    √ Smooth, fresh and easy to apply

    √ No animals tested, vegan-friendly


    RELAX Lip Balm with Lavender Essential Oil not only gives lips long-lasting hydration and shine but also has a healing emotional feel. You can also apply to the temples and wrists to relieve tension and fatigue, or on the neck, nails, hands and dry areas of the skin. If you use it before going to bed, you can have a good night's sleep.


    Coconut Matter Relax Lip Balm has no paraben, petroleum by-products, fragrances and sweeteners, and artificial colours. Its magics include moisturising, protecting and relieving tension.


    - Lip balm by Coconut Matter

    - Colourless

    - Lavender

    - Net weight: 8g

    • About Coconut Matter

      Coconut Matter 是 2015 年成立的香港品牌,提供一系列手工美妝品及個人衛生用品、健康用品及食品,並致力採購符合可持續原則的用料,以及做到零塑膠,所以是健康、盡責和天然之選。

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