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DIY Kintsugi Kit
  • DIY Kintsugi Kit

    When repairing something in life, we often look to repair it exactly as it was beforehand. However, as Kintsugi teaches us, sometimes it’s better to wear our imperfections and use them to our advantage. For anyone interested in repairing items without trying to simply return them to the impossible past, our Kintsugi Kit offers the ideal starting point. Instead, seal up those shattered areas and bring the remaining parts back together with the power of our Kintsugi Kits!


    Designed to help you master the ancient Japanese art of Kintsugi, you will learn to use coloured glue to help seal the cracks and snaps of items back shut. Buy one of these Kits, and you shall receive:


    • An Epoxy Fast Glue for mixing
    • Golden colour powder
    • Detailed instructions to follow
    • Brushes for applying your repairs
    • Mixing Sticks for easier preparation
    • Gloves for protecting your hands throughout

    Use this combination of items to then follow the instructions provided. Mix together your golden powders and glue, and use the sticks and brush to help quickly and effectively seal the damage done to any item that can be conventionally repaired. Seal it back together and allow the cracks to be worn as part of a new design as opposed to hidden.


    Imperfections show progress, and Kintsugi teaches us to wear that progress even in the items we own. Follow the instructions provided, and before long you will come to see Kintsugi as the ideal DIY repair mechanism that provides a very important philosophical lesson, too!


    - DIY Kintsugi Kit

    - Brand: Mora Approved

    - Product from Amsterdam

    • Kintsugi Step by Step

      1. Find the right broken ornament (whether it be a plate, vase or mug - keep it quite simple to start with). 

      2. Mix the powder and epoxy glue together with the mixing stick. 

      3. Then start to piece it back together again (essentially so you know which bit goes where). 

      4. Finally, start to apply the sticky powered glue to put your broken piece back together again. 

      5. We advise applying extra powder once the adhesive is almost dry, so you can have a better result regarding the colour.

    • Who is Mora Approved?

      Amsterdam-based Mora Approved is a small and independent brand founded by Kintsugi-lover Camille. By buying our DIY Kintsugi Kit, you are not just giving second life to your broken treasures; you are also supporting a woman to run a small business and do what she loves 

    Color: Silver

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